Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Varden

Okay taking a break from 40k for a few posts and going to discuss my fantasy armies. I began fantasy just after i had finished reading the first three books of the inheritance cycle (the Eragon books by Christopher Paolini) i loved the idea of the varden, a group of rebels aimed at overthrowing the mad king Galbatorix made up of man, dwarf and elf. As well of this i love the thought of dragons and dragon riders leading army's into battle. So i then decided i was going to make my own warhammer fantasy army based on the varden. So far i have started the elf and human element and have yet to start the dwarf element as i detest the GW dwarf models.

I stared of by buying the island of blood box, i did this for to reasons it allowed me to learn how to play WFB as had never played it before as well as getting a great starting point for the elves. Looking at the elven paint schemes around and not seeing any i particularly liked i decided to make my own paint scheme. I decided on a dark, jungle coloured scheme as it fitted better with the elves from the Eragon books as they are more wood elves than high elves. I have currently taking a break from my elf army as I have been preoccupied with my Astral Claws and Empire army (which will be discused later in other posts) but i plan to go back soon and finish them.

In the future once my empire and elven armies are finished I plan to add a Dwarf army to finish off my varden armies. I will probably go else where for the dwarves as i dislike most of GW's, although mantic games have a few dwarf models for sale which i quite like so i may explore that path when the time comes.

On the next post i will be discussing my elves and will post pictures of both them.

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