Monday, 22 October 2012

The 3rd Argonian regiment, second company

Okay here you will see the the second company of the 3rd Argonian regiment. Second company is made up of both the shock troops of A platoon for holding the line and direct fire fights as well as the stealth troops of B platoon from the Argonian jungles, these warriors are masters of stealth and sabotage (heavily influenced by gaunts ghosts). The task-force works in cohort with the 2nd company from anything from search and destroy missions to mighty sieges. So here they are.

In charge of the second company is Colonel Drago Mussevini with his trusted command squad of veterans of many theaters and advisers.

Below is Col. Drago and his personal command chimera; the tank commander bearing the Col.'s personal standard alof the mighty transport inspiring troops around it

Platoon command squad: Led by Major Garrus

Ludd's boys:

A picture of Junior Commisar Ludd (from Gaunts Ghosts) leading a squad of shock troops into battle

Squad Carnelious:

Squad Juliet:

A platoon also has a heavy weapons support team designated to them:

As well as the troops of A platoon, there are also a number of vehicles that support them such as the mighty Leman Russ battle tanks and the trusty Chimera transport.

The mighty Leman Russ battle tank squadron "Hellshammer" is led by the infamous tank commander Pask (i plan to add an executioner to the squad in the furture)

 The mighty basilik "The Avenger" smites its enemies down with the emperors holy fury

(please excuse they awfully painted lascannon team as well as other badly painted models in this post, I painted them back when i began the hobby and havent got round to repainting them)

B Company:

Platoon command squad: Led by Major Mattock

Squad: Roughnecks

Squad Carnavor

Unlike A platoon, B platoon is supported by weapon specialists for subtle, but well placed support directly where needed.

Sniper team: Ghost

Support team: Ravager (specializes in tank hunting and picking off heavy infantry)

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