Sunday, 21 October 2012

Imperial guard: Task force

Okay first off I feel I should show my first serious army, my Imperial Guard army. I have a love for the imperial guard as they remind me of world war 1 and 2 which i love! Also the wide range of models available and all the different tanks and flyers are unreal looking.

I started off by buying the old 20 man box of Cadians as I thought they looked cool, but after painting them and buying the codex i decided that they would be my first army. Around the same time I started reading the Gaunts Ghosts books and reading about all the different regiments and how they differ from each other, this strongly influenced the makeup of my army.

So here we go, my imperial guard army broken down into sections. The first section I will show is my imperial guard task-force.

So here it is:

First up is the people in charge of this task-force, Gaunt and his most trusted ghosts, including milo, corbec, dorden and Commisar hark

Making up the bulk of the task-force is squads Alpha, Bravo and Charlie

Squad Alpha:

Squad Bravo:

Squad Charlie:

Working alongside these three squads are the heavier equipped storm-trooper squad Delta

Working along side the task force is the air wing "swift strider", composed of two Valkyries (i plan to add another Valkyrie or possible a thunderbolt)

Deploying via "swift strider" is the ODST (orbital drop strike troops) troops asigned to the task-force  these troops being used as either a vanguard, scouting party or to be deployed into the heat of battle on grav chutes and deploy suppression fire from their armored sentinels.

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  1. Hey Man! Glad you decided to kick off a blog. Looking good! Cant wait to see more stuff!