Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Elves of Du Weldervarden

Okay as i have explained in the previous post, my elves are based around the eragon books. so here is the army in detail.

Lords and heros:

Eragon and Saphira, diving off a rock to decimate the kings soldiers

A close up of Eragon, this is him after his transformation at the Blood-Oath Celebration in Ellesméra. He is wearing his ornate dragon armour as well as wielding his rider sword Brisingr (which means fire in the ancient language).

I really like the contrast between Saphiras bright blue scales and dark blue skin

Prince Althran and griffon "Shadow strider" (not from Eragon but i love the model)

Elves Vanir (left) and Arya (right)

Elven troops, cavelry and war machines:

Multiple bolt thrower set up on a varden base (both cannon balls and bolts)

Dragon Princes dedicated to Saphira

Reavers/ outriders, the vanguard of the elves

Dragon guard, (sea guard in the WFB codex) each squad dedicated to a different dragon (just like the dragon princes)

Dragon guard dedicated to Firnen (Arya's green dragon which hatches at the end of inheritance)

Dragon guard dedicated to Glaedr the mightly golden dragon, who he and his rider Oromis were the only ones to survive the fall of the riders. They trained Eragon and Saphira in book to (Elderest).

Dragon guard dedicated to Thorn the red dragon ridden by Murtagh, Eragon's friend (also Eragons secret half brother). Murtagh and Thorn were captured and forced to work for Galbatorix in the second book the whole way to the final book where he breaks free of his chains and helps Eragon defeat the mad king.

Sword masters:

Elf archers: I took a break from the elves to pursue other projects shortly after building these which is why they aren't painted.

A template of how the rest of the squad will be painted

Bolt thrower: Just like the archers i havent got round to finishing this

Queen Islanzdi's personal guards (pheonix guards): Most are finished but a few have a few bits to be painted yet.

As you can see throughout the army the paint scheme of a squad differs, but most squads have a blue plume on their helmets, this is to represent their dedication and respect for Eragon Shadeslayer, the first of the next generation of dragon riders, hero of the varden and slayer of the mad king.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Varden

Okay taking a break from 40k for a few posts and going to discuss my fantasy armies. I began fantasy just after i had finished reading the first three books of the inheritance cycle (the Eragon books by Christopher Paolini) i loved the idea of the varden, a group of rebels aimed at overthrowing the mad king Galbatorix made up of man, dwarf and elf. As well of this i love the thought of dragons and dragon riders leading army's into battle. So i then decided i was going to make my own warhammer fantasy army based on the varden. So far i have started the elf and human element and have yet to start the dwarf element as i detest the GW dwarf models.

I stared of by buying the island of blood box, i did this for to reasons it allowed me to learn how to play WFB as had never played it before as well as getting a great starting point for the elves. Looking at the elven paint schemes around and not seeing any i particularly liked i decided to make my own paint scheme. I decided on a dark, jungle coloured scheme as it fitted better with the elves from the Eragon books as they are more wood elves than high elves. I have currently taking a break from my elf army as I have been preoccupied with my Astral Claws and Empire army (which will be discused later in other posts) but i plan to go back soon and finish them.

In the future once my empire and elven armies are finished I plan to add a Dwarf army to finish off my varden armies. I will probably go else where for the dwarves as i dislike most of GW's, although mantic games have a few dwarf models for sale which i quite like so i may explore that path when the time comes.

On the next post i will be discussing my elves and will post pictures of both them.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The 3rd Argonian regiment, second company

Okay here you will see the the second company of the 3rd Argonian regiment. Second company is made up of both the shock troops of A platoon for holding the line and direct fire fights as well as the stealth troops of B platoon from the Argonian jungles, these warriors are masters of stealth and sabotage (heavily influenced by gaunts ghosts). The task-force works in cohort with the 2nd company from anything from search and destroy missions to mighty sieges. So here they are.

In charge of the second company is Colonel Drago Mussevini with his trusted command squad of veterans of many theaters and advisers.

Below is Col. Drago and his personal command chimera; the tank commander bearing the Col.'s personal standard alof the mighty transport inspiring troops around it

Platoon command squad: Led by Major Garrus

Ludd's boys:

A picture of Junior Commisar Ludd (from Gaunts Ghosts) leading a squad of shock troops into battle

Squad Carnelious:

Squad Juliet:

A platoon also has a heavy weapons support team designated to them:

As well as the troops of A platoon, there are also a number of vehicles that support them such as the mighty Leman Russ battle tanks and the trusty Chimera transport.

The mighty Leman Russ battle tank squadron "Hellshammer" is led by the infamous tank commander Pask (i plan to add an executioner to the squad in the furture)

 The mighty basilik "The Avenger" smites its enemies down with the emperors holy fury

(please excuse they awfully painted lascannon team as well as other badly painted models in this post, I painted them back when i began the hobby and havent got round to repainting them)

B Company:

Platoon command squad: Led by Major Mattock

Squad: Roughnecks

Squad Carnavor

Unlike A platoon, B platoon is supported by weapon specialists for subtle, but well placed support directly where needed.

Sniper team: Ghost

Support team: Ravager (specializes in tank hunting and picking off heavy infantry)